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Nancy Aillery, Anwerpen 1962


Passion for creativity & craftsmanship

Nancy studied jewelry design and goldsmithing in Antwerp and obtained a Master’s Degree.

In 1987 she started Nancy Aillery Jewelry Design and created her own collection of handmade designer jewelry. She is an Ars Nobilis board member and founder of The Circle of Belgian Jewelry Design.

Jewelry design


​Beautiful things happen when technology and fine design meet...

Nancy’s designs are one of a kind with intricate detail and beautiful craftsmanship. Her favorite materials are yellow gold, semi-precious colored gemstones and diamonds "because I'm an Antwerp girl" and Antwerp is the diamond capitol of the world. 

One look at her jewelry line, makes it obvious why she has been collecting jewelry design awards for years. Her outstanding service and her flexibility are just positive extras.

Nancy creates each piece to compliment her client's unique personality.

Abstract paintings

In 2000 Nancy accidentally discovered another artistic outlet as she experimented with acrylics on canvas. 

These abstract explosions of color have a high decorative value in traditional and modern interiors. Most of her paintings are dynamic and full of spirit, where as others are calm and serene with subtle nuances. Nancy's artworks are a constant search for balance between composition and color and give your home or business a very personal finishing touch.

It is a collaboration of the client's vision with Nancy's creative expression.
Let’s collaborate !


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