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Your OLD GOLD is worth a fortune

Now is the time to empty all boxes and collect your broken, worn out, unfashionable golden jewelry.

With this gold Nancy creates a completely new one-of-a-kind object of art you'll love to wear.

Nancy will repurpose your old jewelry effectively, reusing your stones and gold.

Transforming, recycling and rebuilding heirloom jewelry

It's possible to transform old jewelry into modern jewelry with simple, budget friendly solutions. Nancy has plenty creative  ideas.
Alter the setting of the stone or add a different body to the ring. Matting a ring or changing it into a pendant or earrings to get a new look for your old gold.
Save the emotional value : modernize family and other jewelry. Make it fashionable.

Use Nancy's design talent, years of experience and technical knowledge to achieve these adjustments and unique oportunity.



Appreciation of unique, handmade quality

To give jewelry is to give emotion.

Nancy’s a professional trained in design,fabrication and market trends.

She enhances the beauty in what is often taken for granted.

The people who buy her work love design and are excited about owning a unique creation. All ages buy her jewelry because she loves to design with the client and for the client.

Once the concept is complete, the design is rendered and fabricated using traditional methalsmithing techniques and craft.

Nancy Aillery provides additional quality guarantee.Every piece has a karatage and master stamp to guarantee its originality and authenticity.You also receive, if desired, a diamond certificate.

Discover her transformations, new creations or choose from Nancy’s existing collection.



Nancy’s modern paintings integrate perfectly into your home, office or business.

You can choose from the existing collection or determine size, color and style for your personalized painting.

The explosions of color will delight many and have high decorative value in different interiors.Some paintings are dynamic and full of temperament, others are calm and sober with interesting details.

Art for business : An extra dimension for your staff and visitors.
Paintings encourage creativity, reduce stress and defy the 9 to 5 office culture.Colors inspire and boost your business.
Managers and staff should understand that the reputation of the company and individual success can, literally, be 'a sign on the wall'.
Colors play an important role in office ergonomics.They have a psychological impact and make rooms seem small, warm, cold, dark, happy or sad.
Paintings also provide pleasant acoustics, 
create communication and a personal fantasyworld for each individual.

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